What if They are More Powerful?

When was the last time you came up with a bottom line? How did that work out? Chances are, you hit it like a giant road block every time they suggested an alternative. You weren’t actually considering any offer that didn’t first meet your bottom line.

Where did you bottom line come from? Was it from a discussion with your family? Or was it because you thought there would be job offers lining up?

Instead of relying on what ifs, settle on the best alternative you can. Solidify it as far as you can. Make it so that if you reject this offer with no fear.

Take your offer as far as you can. Have another job offer waiting before you walk into a salary negotiation. Make the alternative real. Having a solid backup will give you more confidence, more leverage, and more bargaining chips even against the most powerful opponent.

Getting to Yes

Book: Getting to Yes