Richie Kohler

A man built on self education and strong work ethic. He gets genuinely excited about shipwreck diving and the artifacts he can find.

We all enjoy an activity because we find pleasure in the little things about that activity. Often people enjoy different aspects. Chatterton enjoys the story of the submarines while Kohler enjoys the artifacts he can find. This difference made Chatterton misjudged Kohler for a bad guy.

However, when Chatterton saw Kohler’s genuine excitement for the wreck, he couldn’t help but change his mind. Despite the differences in why the dive, they were more alike than either man realized.

Don’t shun away someone’s viewpoint just because they see things differently. Instead try to find common ground and let the common ground bring you closer together. After all, we are not that different from each other.

Shadow Divers

Book: Shadow Divers

Pages: 119-140