Horenburg’s Knife

Nagel and Chatterton tried to keep the u-boat a secret and do research on their own. But they could only get so far on the on their own.

When they caved and put out a press release about their discovery, they got more information in a week than in months of research. Others got excited about the discovery, they had a passion for u-boats, or lived during the period. All these minds opened up treasure troves of information hidden before.

Never underestimate the power of asking questions or asking other for help. Keeping an idea a secret is not the way to gain the most from it. Instead, share your idea as early as possible. You will get help and advice.

Even if someone copies you or steal it, they will only gain the idea at that stage. Something special about you made you have that idea. It’s that same something that will drive you to make the idea better and push it further than anyone else could.

Shadow Divers

Book: Shadow Divers

Pages: 140-171