Phoenix talk

I recently gave a talk, at the local Fullstack Meetup, on the Phoenix Framework. Phoenix is the de facto web framework for Elixir. In this talk, I cover some of the best features of Phoenix: Erlang: The platmor which Elixir and Phoenix are build on. (albeit very brief overview of the major features) Plug: The specification for composable module design that gives Phoenix much of it’s power. Ecto: The database integration layer.

Easy Universal Haskell Development Environment

Haskell is notoriously difficult to setup, which probably led to many people being scared away from ever getting started. However, there has been a lot of work done to address these short comings. And there is a way to setup a very pleasant environment thanks to the hard work of many projects. Traditional methods included: Installing The Haskell Platform, which was a great project in it’s time but always seems to lag a few GHC versions behind.