Shadow Divers - Day 7

Horenburg’s Knife Nagel and Chatterton tried to keep the u-boat a secret and do research on their own. But they could only get so far on the on their own. When they caved and put out a press release about their discovery, they got more information in a week than in months of research. Others got excited about the discovery, they had a passion for u-boats, or lived during the period.

Shadow Divers - Day 6

Richie Kohler A man built on self education and strong work ethic. He gets genuinely excited about shipwreck diving and the artifacts he can find. We all enjoy an activity because we find pleasure in the little things about that activity. Often people enjoy different aspects. Chatterton enjoys the story of the submarines while Kohler enjoys the artifacts he can find. This difference made Chatterton misjudged Kohler for a bad guy.

Shadow Divers - Day 5

Crazy Deep The divers forgot their limit on a deep dive. They became caught up in the excitement and push further than they ever have. It can be healthy to push yourself, but you need to know your limits. You don’t want to be too uncomfortable in a situation. Neither do you want to repeatedly push yourself further than you have gone before. Feldman learned this lesson the hard way by going on the deepest dive he’s ever attempted two times in a row.

Shadow Divers - Day 4

John Chatterton A man on an endless quest of self exploration. John Chatterton didn’t follow other advice. Instead, he followed his own path. He chose to get answers through experience in the army, volunteering for Vietnam, and becoming a commercial diver. In all his endeavors, he gave everything and learned every detail. An attitude like this lead to him becomes great at his vocation. Taking on the tasks no one likes, giving everything to every job, and learning the smallest detail are the values of a great professional.

Shadow Divers - Day 3

A Shape of Power The divers were ecstatic to find a mysterious u-boat where no u-boat should have been. They dove in ready to take full advantage of they 25 minutes they had to look at the submarine. Everyone explored a different part and grew more excited with each new discovery. Once the expedition was over, everyone handled the secret of the u-boat differently. Some dove into research, some couldn’t resist telling a friend, and others visited submarines at a museum.