A Heavy Toll

Chatterton and Kohler were becoming frustrated. They performed numerous dives but couldn’t find a scrap of identification. The one place they didn’t check were the well preserved human remains.

Despite the allure of easy information, they quickly decided against it. Not because someone would find out. They were at 230 feet with no one else round. They would touch the remains out of pure respect for the soldiers.

Sticking to your morals in difficult situation is one of the hardest and most admirable things you can do. Especially if no one is watching.

This attitude is also exactly what makes a good person. Do the right thing for the simple reason that you know it’s the right thing to do. You might not have it mentioned in a book like Kohler and Chatterton, but you will be able to go through life knowing that you didn’t compromise on your morals.

Shadow Divers

Book: Shadow Divers

Pages: 193-223